The `is_ajax` function is deprecated since version 6.1.0. Replace with `wp_doing_ajax()` [woocommerce] - TagMerge

The `is_ajax` function is deprecated since version 6.1.0. Replace with `wp_doing_ajax()` [woocommerce]

ghostAsked 4 months ago


  • [X] I have carried out troubleshooting steps and I believe I have found a bug.
  • [ ] I have searched for similar bugs in both open and closed issues and cannot find a duplicate.

Describe the bug

Hello, for information, the update to 6.1.0 there is the error message at the top: The isajax function is deprecated since version 6.1.0. Replace with wpdoing_aj

I downgraded version 6.0

I'm obviously not the only one,


Expected behavior


Actual behavior


Steps to reproduce


WordPress Environment


Isolating the problem

  • [X] I have deactivated other plugins and confirmed this bug occurs when only WooCommerce plugin is active.
  • [ ] This bug happens with a default WordPress theme active, or Storefront.
  • [ ] I can reproduce this bug consistently using the steps above.

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lanej0Answered 4 months ago


Thanks for reporting this. Would you mind dropping us a screenshot of where you're seeing this error? I suspect that this error is likely coming from a plugin or theme that needs an update to work with 6.1.0 -- but a little additional information will help me track down the issue!

steve340700Answered 4 months ago


The culprit for me is: sequential woocommerce order numbers I had to deactivate it for it to work

joashrajinAnswered 4 months ago

+1, another report for this happening with 'WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro' in 4685271-zd-woothemes. Looks like something the plug-in authors need to fix.

zdenysAnswered 4 months ago

Another case in 4683773-zd-woothemes where WP-CLI shows the message: The is_ajax function is deprecated since version 6.1.0. Replace with wp_doing_ajax.

joashrajinAnswered 4 months ago

@zdenys I think that is related to since the customer uses FB for WC

lanej0Answered 4 months ago

Thanks for bringing this up. Best to get in touch with SkyVerge for support on this issue -- hopefully they'll be able to get an update out for their plugin quickly!

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