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Failed to start test-validator on Apple Silicon M1 [solana]

WojciechJelenAsked 4 months ago


I have built and installed Solana from source, ver 1.8.5, on MacOS Monterey with Apple Silicon M1, and when I try to run solana-test-validator --no-bpf-jit I got this output with error:

Notice! No wallet available. `solana airdrop` localnet SOL after creating one

Ledger location: test-ledger
Log: test-ledger/validator.log
Error: failed to start validator: TestValidator startup failed: Custom { kind: Other, error: "Discover failed" }

Installation went smoothly without any errors.

Source: link

mvinesAnswered 4 months ago

Please try the 1.9.4 release and reopen if you still run into an issue. The 1.8 release line has incomplete support for M1s.

mvinesAnswered 4 months ago

Following on an M1 will get you native binaries as well, no Rosetta needed anymore

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