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Deploy solana program FAILED

DINHQUANGMINH198Asked 4 months ago


I build-bpf , and deploy program on devnet , but failed $ solana program deploy /home/bccode/solana-escrow/program/target/deploy/ --keypair solana-wallet/keypair.json

Proposed Solution

Blockhash expired. 5 retries remaining Blockhash expired. 4 retries remaining Blockhash expired. 3 retries remaining Blockhash expired. 2 retries remaining

Blockhash expired. 1 retries remaining

Recover the intermediate account's ephemeral keypair file with

solana-keygen recover and the following 12-word seed phrase:

chaos shrug glance blame output appear kitten angry jacket hurry narrow stumble

To resume a deploy, pass the recovered keypair as the [BUFFER_SIGNER] to solana program deploy or `solana write-buffer'. Or to recover the account's lamports, pass it as the

[BUFFERACCOUNTADDRESS] argument to solana program close.

Error: Data writes to account failed: Custom error: Max retries exceeded

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t-nelsonAnswered 4 months ago

Hi! We don't use Github for support requests. Please join #developer-support on instead

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