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solana-test-validator failed with solana v1.9.4 [solana]

icegriffinguruAsked 4 months ago



logrotate is not supported on this platform

[2022-01-18T11:43:37.446241400Z INFO solanatestvalidator] solana-validator 1.9.4 (src:8ce65878; feat:3258470607)

[2022-01-18T11:43:37.446429300Z INFO solanatestvalidator] Starting validator with: ArgsOs {

    inner: [




[2022-01-18T11:43:37.446634400Z WARN solana_perf] CUDA is disabled

[2022-01-18T11:43:37.446727700Z INFO solana_perf] AVX detected

[2022-01-18T11:43:37.446815100Z INFO solana_perf] AVX2 detected

[2022-01-18T11:43:37.452084100Z INFO solana_faucet::faucet] Faucet started. Listening on:

[2022-01-18T11:43:37.452299300Z INFO solana_faucet::faucet] Faucet account address:


Ledger location: test-ledger

Log: test-ledger\validator.log

⠁ ⠂ Initializing…

[2022-01-18T11:43:40.953278200Z INFO solana_ledger::blockstore] "test-ledger\rocksdb" open took 3.4s

[2022-01-18T11:43:40.958442100Z INFO solanametrics::metrics] metrics disabled: SOLANAMETRICS_CONFIG: environment variable not found

[2022-01-18T11:43:40.958872200Z INFO solanametrics::metrics] datapoint: shredinsertisfull totaltimems=0i slot=0i ⠄ Initializing…

[2022-01-18T11:43:41.612651000Z ERROR solana_ledger::blockstore] tar stdout:

[2022-01-18T11:43:41.612812000Z ERROR solana_ledger::blockstore] tar stderr: tar: Can't launch external program: bzip2

Error: failed to start validator: Failed to create ledger at test-ledger: blockstore error

Proposed Solution

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joncinqueAnswered 4 months ago

Hi there, we don't use GitHub for support, so please join us at

To quickly answer this question though, you need to run solana-test-validator.exe from a bash-supported shell for now. More info at

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