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Unable to deploy large programs in solana cli v1.9

tomland123Asked 4 months ago


When attempting to deploy large programs in solana cli v1.9 you only get Error: Custom: Invalid blockhash and resuming with solana program deploy --buffer will loop with this error message.

this was deployed with 1.9: https://explorer.solana.com/address/Bb4ps1zsZVe7swtMY58LR3XFb2VPKJRMxZPgGu7xLpnL?cluster=devnet

This could only be deployed in 1.8:


The problem was solved when reverting to solana cli v1.8

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CriesofCarrotsAnswered 4 months ago

Hello. We do not offer technical support on github. Please join us at #developer-support on Discord: www.solana.com/discord

That said, hopefully you mean some newer versions of solana-cli than v0.XX. I think the solana program subcommand was introduced in v1.6 timeframe…

tomland123Answered 4 months ago

yeah i meant the newest version of solana v 1.9. Had a brain block. I dont understand how this isnt a bug though if it works on 1.8 instead of 1.9

CriesofCarrotsAnswered 4 months ago

There certainly could be a bug somewhere, but I was just able to deploy a program using solana-cli v1.9.4 against a solana-test-validator on v1.8.12. Not sure what cluster or test-validator you are trying to deploy against.

tomland123Answered 4 months ago

I updated the description because it might've been confusing without more context. When I meant large programs, I meant large programs not every program!

Henry-EAnswered 4 months ago

Can confirm that while I was able to deploy a program of size 500kb to the devnet cluster with solana version 1.9.1, I was unable to deploy a program of 1.5mb size to the devnet without getting Invalid Blockhash error.

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