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MacOS, mktemp illegal option [log4j_checker_beta]

craiglondonAsked 4 months ago

Getting an error when running the script on MacOS

$ wget -q -O - |bash [INFO] using default hash file. If you want to use other hashes, set another URL as first argument mktemp: illegal option -- - usage: mktemp [-d] [-q] [-t prefix] [-u] template … mktemp [-d] [-q] [-u] -t prefix --2021-12-30 12:00:52--

From the man page `OPTIONS The available options are as follows:

 -d      Make a directory instead of a file.

 -q      Fail silently if an error occurs.  This is useful if a script does not want error output to go to standard error.

 -t prefix
         Generate a template (using the supplied prefix and TMPDIR if set) to create a filename template.

 -u      Operate in ``unsafe'' mode.  The temp file will be unlinked before mktemp exits.  This is slightly better than mktemp(3) but still introduces a race
         condition.  Use of this option is not encouraged.`

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rubo77Answered 4 months ago

Maybe the q and O must be in front of the URL?

craiglondonAnswered 4 months ago


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