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AWS Roadmap? Should it not just be a Cloud Roadmap? [developer-roadmap]

kodyabbottAsked 7 months ago

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On the main website, AWS is listed as an upcoming roadmap but I do not see an active PR or Issue for it, hence this issue I am opening.

The DevOps roadmap encompasses a lot of the same skills and technologies that you would see as a Cloud Engineer, Cloud Architect, even a Data Engineer, Data Scientist, or Developer.

If AWS is being implemented as a roadmap in the future, would it not be better just to say "Cloud", as each major cloud offers the same services just named differently for the most part?

The "Cloud Roadmap" could start off similar to the DevOps road map with Learn a Programming Langauge, OS Concepts, Servers, IaC, then dive into things like App Modernization, Compute, Containers, Data Analytics, Database, Dev tools, IoT, Machine Learning, Media, Migration, Networking, Operations, Security & Identity, Serverless, and Storage. Then list AWS, GCP, and Azure's services under each of these categories. Similar to how Google Cloud compares each major cloud's services here.

Anyways, just a thought as some of these roadmaps all have a relation to Cloud, so this would be a good, all-encompassing roadmap.

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