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Arya-WangAsked 6 months ago

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Short description of the issue:

description here

Expected outcome:

what you expect to happen goes here

What actually happens:

what actually happens goes here

Self contained code example that reproduces the issue:

  code goes here

// If we can't get a self contained code example that reproduces the issue, there is a big chance we won't be able
// to help you because there is not much we can do.
// `Self contained code example` means:
// * that we should be able to just run the provided code without changing it.
// * that it will reproduce the issue upon running

RxSwift/RxCocoa/RxBlocking/RxTest version/commit

version or commit here


  • [ ] iOS
  • [ ] macOS
  • [ ] tvOS
  • [ ] watchOS
  • [ ] playgrounds

How easy is to reproduce? (chances of successful reproduce after running the self contained code)

  • [ ] easy, 100% repro
  • [ ] sometimes, 10%-100%
  • [ ] hard, 2% - 10%
  • [ ] extremely hard, %0 - 2%

Xcode version:

  Xcode version goes here

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Installation method:

  • [ ] CocoaPods
  • [ ] Carthage
  • [ ] Git submodules

I have multiple versions of Xcode installed: (so we can know if this is a potential cause of your issue)

  • [ ] yes (which ones)
  • [ ] no

Level of RxSwift knowledge: (this is so we can understand your level of knowledge and formulate the response in an appropriate manner)

  • [ ] just starting
  • [ ] I have a small code base
  • [ ] I have a significant code base

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