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Serval questions [NorthstarMods]

catornotAsked 4 months ago

I have no idea if its more appropriate in the discord but its questions concerning the Mods mainly.

1. Is there any plan for better documentation of the NorthStar mod? I am interested in helping helping or creating mods, but I have no idea how does NorthStar work. I couldn't find a lot of information on the wiki or any other place. (maybe I just bad at searching)

**2. Is the campaign for multiplayer Playable or still in development?

  1. If its in development How long may it take to do it?
  2. Is there any plan for the CustomGauntlets to be implement in NorthStar.**

I mainly want to know about the campaign, since I have some gamemode ideas. I know that ai is a problem, but is there a possibility for campaign maps to be playable?

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